Summer Clipart

Summer is the hottest seasons of the time line.

Seasonal changes on the Earth's surface are because of the annual period of revolution of the planet around the Sun and the inclination of the axis of its rotation relative to the orbital plane. The astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere is the period between the June solstice and the September equinox that starts from June 21 (20) to September 23 (22). In the southern hemisphere, the astronomical summer the period is between the December solstice and the March equinox and continues from 21 (22) December to 20 (21) March.

In different geographical areas the summer season differs from the winter season in various degrees due to the uneven illumination of the Earth's surface by the Sun. With rising latitude, the difference in the duration of the bright time of the day in summer and in winter, reaching a maximum point where the Sun does not go far beyond the horizon for 6 months and it keeps rising.

Lawns and clearing are shining in golden yellow under the rays of the sun. Bright, juicy greens paint the trees. Lavenders, honeysuckles and many other beautiful flowers bloom with meadow gems on this yellow-green background. In addition, June is the month of herbs.