Spring Clipart

The season which comes after winter is spring.

At the time of the vernal equinox the astronomical spring comes, on March 20 (on prehistoric years on March 20 or 21) (in the northern hemisphere) and on September 22 or 23 (in the southern hemisphere), and finishes with the summer solstice, on June 21 (in leap years 20 or 21 June) (in the northern hemisphere) and on 21 or 22 December (in the southern hemisphere) (all dates are given by universal time, in other time zones they may differ by 1 day).

Until the 18th century in the Moscow State the spring was counted from the Annunciation on March 25 to the Nativity of John the Precursor on June 24. In each time of the year it was counted by 91 days and half a quarter hour.

It consists of three months: in the Northern Hemisphere the months are March, April and May, in the South the months are September, October and November.

Spring is a transitional season between summer and winter and when there is a significant increase in daylight hours, the temperature of the environment rises and the natural activity of living creatures and lots of plants are activated.