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Snowman Clipart

In the winter season, people make basic sculpture with snow and it calls snowman. This entertaining phenomenon came from ancient times when people were cleaning snow from their yards and paths. They rolled into the snow because it was more easier way to cleaning, then they used the balls for snowmen.

In February 1999, people built the one of the biggest snowmen in Bethel, Maine. For honor of King Angus who governed Maine, they called it ‘’ Angus, King of  The Mountains’’. It was over  4000 tons and its height was 35 meters.

After 9 years, they made another snowmen, it was 37 meters and 6000 tons, huge than former snowmen.

English scientist David Cox, who member of the Quantum Department of the National Physical Laboratory of London, and his two colleagues, made a symbol of a snowman, which consisted two peas of tin alloy 0.01 mm, in 2010 Christmas Eve. Its nose is created by platinum, and the diameter was only 0.001mm. The focused beams of ions helped that people to curve the snowmen’s smile.

In 2013, upheld by the Department of Culture of Moscow the most noteworthy snowman in Russia was developed in the region of Lianozovo Park, the official size of which was recorded as 9 meters high.