School Clipart

The school is a place for general education. It can public or private.

The school is an educational institution where our independent and almost adult life begins. This is the place where people get first real friends, get acquainted with all the joys and difficulties of life. The school is a small life that every person needs to go through and it is compulsory in many different countries. Moreover, this is one of the main phases of our life. Everything in the world starts with small things, everything is born from tiny and small and then it eventually gets bigger: a small sprout rises into a big tree, a stream flows into the river, words turn into sentences and big novels are created from a few notes. Therefore, people start to learn life in school. And then, in adulthood, we rely on our mind and the knowledge that we got in school. Thus, general education is simply necessary.

Usually, kids start general education at their 5-7 years; and they finish it when they are 17 or 18 years old. The standard school curriculum of general secondary education is designed for 10-12 grades.

The academic year begins in autumn (in some cases it can be in late August) and ends in late May.