Rabbit Clipart

Rabbit is a mammal and it is a double-toothed rodent. Also, it is a member of family of hares. These animals are not only give birth to get meat and fur of them, but also people feed them at home as pets. In addition, human beings use these animals for decoration by taxidermizing.

The rabbits generally have got an oval-shaped body and long ears up to 10 cm long. The body size of a grown up rabbit can be in the range of 20 cm to 55 cm, and the weight of the rabbit varies from 400 grams to 2 kilograms. It can be even more.

The largest rabbit in the world which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, belongs to the breed Riesen (Riesen) that lives in the United Kingdom. The name of this animal is Darius. This rabbit is 1 m 29 cm long and the weight of this giant is 22 kg.

Moreover, rabbits have large and powerful hind legs. In their front legs they have five fingers and in their back legs they have four fingers. Also, fingers have got sharp claws. Rabbits are a type of fingered animals; when walking they are supported by their fingers tips.

In the wild rabbits do not live more than 3 or 4 years. However, in the competent home conditions rabbits can live from 4-5 to 13-15 years. In addition, the oldest domestic rabbit died at the age of 19.