Horse Clipart

The horse represents the vital animal power, beauty, grace, nobleness and fascinating harmonious movement. The animal is a symbol of loyalty and at the same time indomitable freedom, courage, military valor and glory.

These animals are associated with the elemental force of wind, storm, fire, sea waves and running water.

In the steppes of Eurasia, the horse was domesticated a few thousand years before they reached the south. Moreover, the horse was not known in Sumer society. Only after the fall of Sumerian cities did the Persian and Assyrian kings and the Egyptian pharaohs ride chariots. When the horse got to the Middle East, it was already domesticated and people already knew its habits, how can they benefit from them and even the rules for breeding new breeds. For example, in Elam (the oldest civilization on the territory of modern Iran) found a figure made about 4-5 thousand years ago, which depicts the breeds of horses, which are derived now. It is stated that in the Near and Middle East of large "Central Asian" horses were brought by the arias together with sconces. They also brought a cult of sacred horses with them.