Hamburger Clipart

Hamburger is a different type of sandwich which has generally round shape, consisting of fried chops, served inside a cut loaf. In addition to meat, a hamburger can include a large number of different fillers, for example: ketchup and mayonnaise, mustard, barbeque sauce, zucchini slice, lettuce leaves, pickled cucumbers, raw or fried onions, tomato etc.

The name of the hamburger’s origin is quite interesting. It originally comes from the name of the second largest city in Germany,Hamburg, the place where many American people have come. In German, the word "hamburger" can be a descriptive noun. It remarks someone from Hamburg or an adjective describing something which comes from Hamburg.

In 1921, the company White Castle opened in Kansas, the specialty of which was unaccustomed hamburgers at that time. In sale they used steady prices (5 cents up to 1946) and curiosity attracted buyers, and doubts about product safety were dispelled as a result of the cunning business move of the owner of the company Billy Ingram (when he specially hired people in white coats created the impression that even doctors buy hamburgers). In the late 1940's, the company White Castle initiated to compete with others and the most serious of them was McDonald's; since then the fast food industry started to develop.