Flower Clipart

A flower is a live creature and complex system of organs of seed reproduction of flowering plants.

The flower is a modified and sporogenous shoot, adapted for the formation of spores and gametes, also as for the sexual process, resulting in the formation of the seeded fruits. The exceptional role of the flower as a special morphological structure comes from the fact that it completely combines all processes of asexual and amphimixis (sexual reproduction). The flower differs from the cone of gymnosperms in that it pollens as a result of pollination on the stigma of the pistil yet not on the ovules; during the subsequent sexual process the ovules in the flowering plants develop into seeds inside the ovary.

The flower being a unique formation by its nature and functions, is strikingly diverse in details of structure, color and size. The smallest flowers of the duckweed family are only about 1 mm in diameter, while at the same time the largest flower in the Rafflesia arnoldii of the Rafflesia family, which lives in the tropical forests on the island of Sumatra, reaches a diameter of 91 cm and has a mass of about 11 kg.

Flowers can grow single. However, they are more often grouped into inflorescences.