Europe Clipart

Europe is the most developed continent of the world and it is in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, has borders to the seas of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans and has a territory of about 10 million km² and a population of approximately (in 2013) 741.4 million people (about 10% of the world's population). It forms Eurasia with the continent of Asia.

The mean of height of the continent is about 300 m, the maximum height in Europe is 4.8 km, which is Mont Blanc, or (at the European border along the Caucasian ridge) that reaches 5642 m which Elbrus, whereas the minimum height is about 27 meters (the Caspian Sea) and differs with fluctuations in the sea level.

Europe generally have plain lands and the mountains just occupy about 17% of the territory. In addition, active volcanoes are mainly located in Iceland and the Mediterranean. However, Iceland has no land border with Europe.

In most of the territory the climate is generally mild, on the northern islands it is subarctic and arctic, in Southern Europe it is Mediterranean, in the Caspian lowland it can be semi-desert. On the islands of the Arctic, in Iceland, and the Scandinavian mountains, the Alps are considered to be areas with glaciation (an area of over 116 thousand km²).