Cat Clipart

A cat is an animal and a mammal of the cat's predatory family. For more than thousands of years, cat become a pet.

 They are fluffy, purring, cuddling four-legged animals and just a real predator, despite its cute appearance. Under normal circumstances, cats eat mice, small birds, bugs and bold members of the cat family can attack rats. Home pets have got lots of undoubted advantages; we do not need to mention milk and fish, there are even specialized pet food for cats. However, the owner of the animal should be careful with his or her animal’s weight. The normal weight of most breeds of cats varies from 2.5 to 6.5 kg. The cats which have bigger weight clearly indicates obesity.

According to researches, there are more than 256 breeds of domestic cats in the whole world. Many breeds were found during the late XIX-early XX centuries. Some breeds, for example; the Sphinx, or the Scottish Folded Cat, appeared because of an accidental mutation. Breeds vary in size, shape and body weight, eye color, color and hair length.

Cats are bred almost in everywhere, according to researchers there are up to 600 million individuals in the world. In many countries, there are cat clubs have been established for cat lovers at the national level, which host international exhibitions. Thanks to such exhibitions, many popular breeds have gained their worldwide fame today.