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Butterfly Clipart

Butterflies (Lepidotera) are bugs that flies and have wings. However, they are so attractive creatures that even people who dislike insects would treat them well. You can find a lot of writings about butterflies, yet there is something you can learn from their life or describe new species year after year.

There are more than 200 000 species of butterflies, all of which are characterized by the presence of special flattened hairs on the wing, the so called scales. Generally, children think that butterflies are covered with pollen of flowers, and if it is wiped off, then it is easy to pour a new portion on the top. However, this "pollen" is scales. If they are wiped off and at the same time patted the wings, fragile insects will not be able to fly and will not live long.

The most significant decoration of butterflies is the wings when you look at them with human eye. Due to the multi-colored iridescent wings people make legends, they are considered to be the personification of the human soul; they are depicted in pictures and tattoos. Nevertheless, there are wingless butterflies as well! For instance, the female is an ancient wolfberry (Orgyia antiqua). Another butterfly is called a common-tailed brush. Many tussock moths (family Lymantriidae) do not eat, and live only thanks to the reserves saved by the caterpillar.