Brown Clipart

Brown color is the most common in nature as well as green color. It is the main color of wood, fallen leaves and, of course, the land.  However, only few people know that even in the Middle Ages the brown color was considered a symbol of noble origin and wealth. In those days, people believed that bright, loud colors can only be worn by normal people, while calm and deep colors were just for nobles.

Moreover, sympathy for the brown color represents a serious, practical, purposeful person. He or she belongs to the elements of the Earth. Also, brown color fans have aims that are extremely specific, they often seek success in society, wealth and professional improvement. Such people are tied to traditions, especially family members. They generally choose their own profession, like their parents, to maintain their family business, or run business together with their relatives. Other than these, family ties are of the highest value for them, they are quite open to forgiveness. Their nervous system is persistent and there is little that can knock them out of the rut.  However, they lack internal freedom and ease, they are too distrustful.