Book Clipart

The book is the most important treasury in the world, keeping in itself the riches of all nations. The book is a time machine that can tell us about the past, talk about the present and show us the future if you know how to use it. The book is an artist's album that portrays the beautiful landscapes and unknown faces of people. The book is a traveler's diary, in which large countries, cities are described or little sweet farms and villages. The book is a dreamer's notebook in which he or she originates fantastic stories with fictional characters. The book is the record of a scientist who puts various experiments, conducts experiments and opens new laws. A book is a way for exploring the world ...

The Russian Author Maxim Gorky once advised: "Love the book because this is the source of knowledge, only knowledge is saving, it is the only thing that can make you spiritually strong, honest, reasonable people who are able to truly love a person, respect his work and heartily admire the fruits of his continuous great work."Pavlenko which is a Soviet author said the following: "The book is a collective experience. He who reads two dozens of great books, lived two dozen great lives. "

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