Autumn Clipart

There are four seasons, and the one of them is autumn. It stays between summer season and winter season. Autumn is a transition season because the daylight time and surrounding temperature decline by degrees. In the Northern Hemisphere, autumn months are September, October and November, while in the Southern Hemisphere these months are March, April and May. It concurs with the meteorological pre-winter.

Depending on the amount of the energy of sun, the equinox should be the intermediate of the related seasons, which is autumn. However, the lateness in changing the temperature that caused by physical features of water and earth, can be delay the climatic season. Temperature delay varies by location, and therefore autumn equinox time differs from culture to culture. According to some cultures, this date is mid-autumn, while for the other culture, it is the beginning of autumn, and these are not related each other. For instance, in the North America, autumn season starts with equinox and it finishes with the winter solstice.

Before the winter comes and the frosts begin, some trees and bushes, which drop leaves, change colors and with time, they lose all their leaves. In addition, the color of grass turn to yellow.

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