Africa Clipart

Africa is one of the seven continents and it is hottest one. It includes the world's greatest desert Sahara which is in the north of the continent, in Libya, the highest temperature has been reached and it is + 58 ° C in the whole planet. There is a lot of rainy days throughout the year in the central part of the continent. The reason is it is crossed in the center by the equator, where a low pressure region forms and precipitation falls out.

The continent has many different rivers. The area of the continent flows by the Congo, Zambezi, Niger, Senegal, Orange, Nile and other rivers. Also, this continent has the longest river in the world. It is the Nile. Moreover, the rivers of Africa are many-watered only in its equatorial part, since there is lots of rain there. Many rivers of Africa are fast and abound in waterfalls. Other than these, lakes are concentrated mainly in the east, where water fills the fractures of the land. Furthermore, the animal and plant world of the continent is rich and diverse: there are elephants, rhinoceroses, hippos, lions, monkeys, ostriches; palms, acacias, figs and others. Many animals live in national parks, the sizes of which in Africa exceed the size of some European countries. The main part of the population of the continent is the native population, they are called Negroids. It is the African branch of the equatorial race.  In addition, the north of the continent is inhabited by representatives of the Arab peoples. They generally live in Libya, Algeria and Morocco etc. The population of the continent is more than 600 million, and population growth rate is really high.