The effect of kindergarten education on children's creativity

  • Published Date: Tuesday, August 21 2018
  • Author: Erica Fulton
  • Views: 586

Nowadays, creativity is a common word in use. It is a notion that includes detection, perception, flexibility, susceptibility, innovative, consciousness, intuition, comprehension ability and invention. It comes from the Latin word ‘’creare’’ this word means to give birth, to create and generate. 

Kindergarten Education

All children have a talent to be creative. To improve this talent, firstly people have to train the children sense organs. If they can control their sense organs, they become more attentive to different stimulants of the environment and it helps them to become more creative.

Creativity emerges in the earlier years of people’s life and people firstly observe it in their children’s first game. It reaches the peak at age 13. Child enhance their talent with using the creativity of materials while playing games. Drama games, experiments with plants and animals, microscopes and magnifying glasses give an opportunity to child’s creativity.

The music activities which has been using in preschool education helps children for their self-expression and they can show their inner world. Also, these indicators (Self-expression and inner world) show the creativity level of children.

A creative preschool environment, should be prepared carefully with different kinds of materials so children can express their thoughts and imagination and should not support the ordinary. It should support the extra-ordinary and give them a chance for free thought.

In preschools or kindergarten children have a chance for self-expression with drawing pictures, painting, singing songs, playing instruments etc. Thus, children show their intelligence, talents and thoughts.

Moreover, creativity helps children with their problem solving. A creative child can use some kind different methods to solve his or her problem. Since creative child is innovative and open minded they seek for a solution. They can imagine and try to solve. However, if the child is not creative maybe he or she do not try even.

To sum up, creativity helps children to all parts of their life and make them privileged. Therefore, people should not limit their children and support them to imagine.