Contribution of Creative Drama to Child Development

  • Published Date: Tuesday, August 21 2018
  • Author: Michele Alves
  • Views: 623

The amusement has an obvious prefix in youngster training. Learning in the kid starts with impersonation. Take a gander at your kids, they will see you in their state of mind talking. As kids can build up physical and intellectual associations between their fanciful and genuine encounters and their conduct, impersonation abilities create and progress toward becoming recreations. He plays home and mirrors his folks when driving. It is the most characteristic learning condition for kids, not for recreation as grown-ups think. 

Through creative drama the child finds, explores and explores the child's knowledge. Creative drama is a learning tool that increases consciousness about himself, others and the world and develops the imagination of each child. It is a group activity. To enable the child to actively participate in the learning process, he activates his senses, his dream power, his imagination. It allows children to express themselves in the best way without fear of being mistaken, criticized. It takes courage to experiment again and again. Life re-enacts in a sense and gives you the opportunity to see your own reactions. This is a rehearsal step for the child to walk confidently with both the inner circle and the social environment and the outer journey.

Creative Drama

During drama events, children transform what they think into life. Children have the opportunity to produce different solutions during different experiences. By putting himself in the place of drama by the drama, the child lived by himself using his imagination, the things he could not do in real life or the events he misses and wants to live again. Imagination is the phenomenon of mental stimulation. The child tries to feel, touch, taste and smell it, by doing mental operations through an entity that is not actually seen, imagining the object. This is the case of mental exercise. Children resume their problems in their daily lives in different ways during the drama events. In this way, problem-solving skills are supported and different aspects of the events are developed.