Can people develop their children’s social skills and how can they do?

  • Published Date: Friday, May 01 2020
  • Author: Dani Marroquin
  • Views: 194

Social skills are skills that which we use for almost every moment in our world. It is affected by social intelligence and social intelligence is defined as the level of intelligence that enables people to develop awareness about themselves and their environment, to empathize, to achieve social harmony, to motivate people and to initiate social changes, to do good, to reinforce social beliefs and attitudes. Social skills such as math, sports, and arts are also natal skills.

social skills

However, social skills develop by the values of the society which we have grown up with, the education we take and the media etc. Especially the society and the education system have a huge role on it. Social intelligence does not affect people only in their childhood, but also guides people through the whole of life. Those with high social intelligence know their emotions well and can control their behavior positively. Especially, it helps to analyze negative feelings, ask questions such as "What am I feeling right now", "How can I avoid this negative emotion", and get healthy communication with people in the social environment like family or friends.

Children with high social intelligence are more compatible with family and friend relationships. They can show leadership qualities on some issues. They can motivate people around even in difficult conditions and solve the problem. In order to improve the intelligence of children, we must firstly recognize and question their selves. We must carry out activities that will encourage their friends to share in the environment.

Scientific or cultural trips and observations, school camps in nature, social responsibility projects, discussion activities, creative writing activities, creative drama practices, artistic and sporting events enable children to discover their own talents and identify activities of interest. In this way, children make activities that they can express themselves and be happy to share with their friends. So they are successful. Self-confidence increases. To conclude, they have an advantage on life with their social skills and social skills are important in all parts of life.